Inspite of the development of non-personal modern media of mass communication like Radio, Television, Films and Press, the traditional media of live, face to face performance before audience, still hold an important place in the pattern of communication with the masses. The live performance has a quality warmth and personal touch which created a deep emotional impact. The reach of the media, however, is limited and the spread of communication is slow, as even after production a programme has to be enacted all over again and again from place to place. It does not have the advantage of mechanical multiplication for wider distribution and simultaneous exhibition of a single programme. But the live performances have popular appeal and are always in demand. In India, the wide variety of folk forms which have a traditional familiarity with the masses, makes the live performances an important vehicle of communication.



It was established for tapping the resourceful live media, particularly the traditional and the folk forms for plan publicity. It has the advantage of instant rapport with the people and the flexibility in its forms to incorporate new ideas effectively. It utilises a wide range of stage forms such as drama, folk and traditional plays, dance-drama, folk recitals and puppet shows besides the Sound and Light medium to focus the attention of the audience on important aspects of the country'’ life and development in different fields. On an average, the Division puts up about 36,000 programmes all over the country every year.

The main function of the Division is to create awareness and emotional receptivity among the general public regarding social, economic and democratic ideals which are conducive to the progress of the nation: creating among the people in border areas a sense of defence prepareness and cultural integrity with the rest of the country and keeping up the morale of the Army Jawans posted in isolated forward areas through live entertainment media which includes both urban theatre forms and folk forms covering all the regions of the country.

  1. presenting special drama programmes with publicity contents through drama troupes maintained departmentally
  2. organising programmes stressing national solidarity, unity, emotional integration, anti-aggression and defence, publilcity in areas adjoining international borders.
  3. Presenting entertainment programmes for members of Armed Forces
  4. Organising drama festivals with the active cooperation of the State Govts.
  5. Organising intensive publicity campaigns for family welfare
  6. Training of folk dancers and presentation of programmes in the annual Republic Day Folk Dance Festival
  7. Utilising private troupes, artistes and other professional and amateur talent available in the country for presenting publicity programmes with a message through ballets, dramas, folk plays, poetic symposia, composite programmes, folk and mythological epics, folk recitals, puppet shows and other popular media in all regional languages.
  8. Acquiring scripts in different languages on contemporary themes for use by troupes and artistes performing in the field on behalf of the Division
  9. Presenting special sound and light features on various themes.